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We Remember

We remember our deceased colleagues and close relatives

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Most Recent Entries:

Neil Harper (Passed away Aug 6, 2022 after a long battle with cancer
Yvonne Shepherd, Wife of Dennis, Passed away June 26, 2022
John V Austin (Auz or Oz) - Passed away June 18, 2022
Ada Brent, wife of the late Derek, passed away May 23, 2022
Peter Edwards passed away  May 5, 2022 after a long and painful illness
Tony Close passed away March 5, 2022


Amos, Dave - Brutally murdered in South Africa March 4, 2021 during a robbery of their home.

Ash, Neil Beira Killed in a landmine accident circa 1978

Austin, John V (Aus or Oz) - Passed away June 18, 2022 (the original founder of this network many years ago)
Baisley (Snr), Brian - (Collector Bulawayo) (I T Stu Baisley's dad).

Bale, Liz Barnett - Passed away August 24, 2019 in the UK from cancer.

Ball, Margaret - wife of Tony - Passed away Sat. March 30, 2019
Ballantyne, R.A. (Bob) The Chief (Asst.Controller. Tech, Head Office)
Barker, Roy (Deputy Collector Ndola) - died while taking photos of the Vic Falls - fell into the Boiling Pot - late sixties
Barnes, Raymond Bozzett Tango (Collector, Harare) (2003? In Zimbabwe (John Barnes' dad)
Barnett, Thomas Edwin Tommy Service circa 1936 - 1950 Sby, H/Office, BB (with CHV Cook) and Beira with Aunty Pen.
Beaton, Dave - ex Head Office

Beaton, Pauline Barbara - Wife of Donald Beaton - Passed away June 14, 2019.

Beckley, Maurice - Passed away in Bulawayo on April 15, 2011 from a heart attack.

Bennett, Graham (GCB) May 1, 1944 to Feb 2, 2007.  Passed away in Germiston South Africa from COPD.  (See picture in "We Remember" album)
Beresford, Chris - Customs Salisbury, Beitbridge & maybe Bulawayo, left Customs and after doing umpteen other things -   towards the end was involved with Construction Associates working on the Beira pipeline -died of cancer mid eighties.
Berrington, Andrew Arthur (Byo 1964-1966).  Sergeant, Ninth Battalion, The Rhodesia Regiment, killed in action in ambush, 1 February 1978.  He is included in the "Rhodesian Roll of Honour" website at  http://www.mazoe.com/ROH_A_C.html
Berwick Gus ODO Bulawayo. Ex Palestine Police.
Bewhay, Iain - Passed away October 27, 2017.
Blignaut, Ockert Cornelius (Ockie) 9/9/1948-27/2/2007.  Died from Malaria

Bowler, Harry (4/9/1937-13/11/2015)  Passed away peacefully in the North London Hospice following long term cancer treatment.

Brent, Ada - wife of the late Derek, Passed away May 23, 2022

Brent, Derek - Passed away October 2020
Britten, Taffy (ODO/Insp, Harare - ex Palestine Police)  
Brough, Mike (Sr. Inspector) Died 31/5/2008
Buckles, Billy (Died in Cape Town 28/9/2007)

Burrett, Fay - wife of Roy - Passed away April 18, 2020.
Burrett, Roy - Died 24/9/2004. See picture  in "We Remember" Photo Album.
Button, Gerry Byerley(sp?), Chris (ex Chirundu)(1970's?)
Capeling, John - (Deputy Controller, Zambia) died of cancer in the UK April 2001.
Chadwick, Derek Arthur (Chad) 3-1935 to 3-1987 in Halifax, UK
Chadwick, Nane (wife to Chad) died 9-2005 in Halifax, UK
Chase Clarry Asst Controller, and Ken Chase's father.
Chase, Ken

Charlton, Chris Chunkie (marathon runner; brain tumour, in SA) 

Cilliers, Gerry  -  June 14, 2008 after a long, brave battle.

Clack, Craig (Byo) Killed in Action 1976/1977

Close, Tony - Passed away March 5, 2022
Collašo, Oscar (Beira) - Passed away July 30, 2013 (Daughter, Sharon is an exCUSTOMSkid)
Collins, Frank Voisey Controller after CHV Cooke. (Was married to Bla Lovemores sister). Died 1990's.

Collis, Dave - Passed away peacefully on May 4, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia after a short illness - just 6 months short of his 80th birthday.
Cooke, Charles C.H.V. (MC MBE plus several Independance decorations) died from a perforated ulcer, aged 86 sometime around the year l998
Coolican, Graham ("Coolers") - 1975-1980. Died 1999 in Harare from an eneurism.

Corder, Sydney George "Snowy" Bob Ballantyne's brother-in-law. Late 70's heart attack.

Cowie, Don - Passed away in Natal on July 5, 2017.
Cranswick, Geoff

Crimes, Geoff (Cyril) - Passed away in London February 15, 2011 aged 67.
Cumming, Cecil (Officer i/c, Beitbridge 1950's)
D'Urban, Jackson Bernard Dominic.

Dare, Mike - Passed away in Harare on April  11, 2021.

Delport, Joy - nee Palmer. - Passed away November 2018 from heart issues.

Dempster, Alex - Passed away in Inverness, Scotland on November 9 2019.

Dempster, Val (nee Dodd) wife of Alex, Passed away March 8, 2019
de Smidt, Theo (Asst. Collector, Bulawayo 1950's)
Dinneen(sp?), E E K (Paddy) (Controller of C &  E 19... to 19...)
Donnelly, Rob  Killed in a tragic flash flood whilst camping in the Chimanimani around 2004/5

Dunstan, Grant Killed in auto accident circa 1982
du Toit, Ernie (Harare Airport 1966) (motor cycle accident, Harare, 1966)

Eager, (Jerry) Jeremy

Edwards, Ian Douglas - Ex Federal Customs - passed away October, 2016

Edwards, Joan, wife of the late Peter Edwards, passed away in Howick on June 22, 2015

Edwards, Peter -  Passed away May 5, 2022 after a long and painful illness.
Elliott, Philip (husband of Cheryl, nee Maleham) (vehicle accident, Harare)
Fenning,...? (fell off back of Ken Hunter's motor cycle early 1950's)
Fikuart, John - Died from a heart attack on 18/02/1994

Fikuart. Monica, widow of John - Passed away 24/2/2015 in Cape Town.

Fincham, Sheena (wife of Leo) on July 21, 2017.

Fish, Ted Controller - originally Northern Rhodesia Customs.  Died in Harare on 31/10/1995.  He was predeceased by his wife, Joy, who died circa 1984.

Fletcher, Tony - Passed away April 6, 2019
Ford Parker, Julius (Inspectorate = Investigations Branch, Head Office) 
Frazer, Colin (Byo & Beitbridge).  Died February 2009 in Bulawayo.

Freeborn, Hops (ODO)

French, Denis.  Died April 1, 2010 after a long struggle with alzheimers.

Geasley, George SEO Umtali, Lost a son to a crocodile on the Zambesi.
Gailey, Sam - Died from a heart attack 1986 while on holiday with his sons in Las Angeles .

Ginsburgh, Heather (nee Blake) - Passed away Sept. 21, 2019 after a short battle with cancer.

Glynn, John - Passed away in Auckland, New Zealand on March 16, 2021

Gray, Ian (Tubby) - Passed away in Zambia on Sept. 25, 2018

Gregory Alan - Passed away June 9, 2020.

Greenway, John - Passed away Frebruary 26, 2019 from injuries sustained from a cycling accident.

Hallauer, Stan (cancer after a dart bounced off board and pierced his ankle).
Haley, Donald Claude (former Director General of C & E), 27/7/1933.to 25/3/1998) (brain tumour, Harare).  See picture in "We Remember" photo album.
Hall, Derek (vehicle accident, Bulawayo, 1960's?)

Hall, Geoffery Arthur - passed away Nov 23, 2019 at 91 years old after a long struggle.
Hancock, John. born Sept. 1946; first appointed in Customs January 1964; died 28th March 1978 (31) KIA on  call-up in SE Rhodesia (21║ 9’S 31║12’E - 28 kms south of Musame Mission) with C9RR - a contact which  resulted in the whole stick of four being KIA while assisting a 3 Commando Fire Force.  It is understood that  John's stick were not the only casualties on that call-up.  He is included in the "Rhodesian Roll of Honour"  website at http://www.mazoe.com/ROH_G_K.html

Hanhart, Ann - nee Springall - wife of Adrian - Passed away September 17, 2018

Hannan, Butch - Passed away November 2018 from a heart attack.

Harper, Neil - Passed away August 6, 2022 after a long battle with cancer.

Harris, Ginger ODO Bulawayo. Ex BSAP, Ex Palestine Police, British Army, ad nausium. A fantastic raconteur.
Harris, Peter
Harris, Allan 'Scotch' - Died in the 1990's

Hastings, Alan Malcolm - passed away July 2, 2015
Heckett, R Bob (ODO)
Hemingway, Pops (temp?)

Hendrickse, Jan (ex Jnb, Lusake & Beira) - Passed away during August 2013
Hinze, Connie, Head Office.  Died from Brain tumour.
Hitching, George Harry Titch (Head Office Audit)(retired, Capetown?)

Hiscock, Irene passed away December 15, 2014
Hogg, John Markham Died in Johannesburg in the late 1990's from Emphysema.
Hopff, Jeff (vehicle accident, Maputo, near Polana Hotel, 1960's)

Horn, Jack (John Fikuart's uncle)

Hughes, Charlie - March 4, 1950 to May 3, 2021.

Hull, Ken (KCJ)  -  sometime during 2009
Hunter, Ken -  Passed away Dec 28, 2006 from cancer

Hussey, Tony - Killed in a motor vehicle accident in Newcastle on 4th June 2010.

Jackman, Dave 
Jackman, Laura - Wife of Dave Jackman. Died of kidney failure 1960's
Jackson, Bill (Officer i/c, Beitbridge 1950's)
Jarvis, Alan Edward Ernest (Asst,Controller, Admin, Head Office)
Jay, Bob Ex NR Customs, came down during Federation and was Collector Umtali during Geasley's sojourn. Left in 1960's to Benoni to run  some business or other. Died in the 70's. 
Johnstone Robertson, Harry (Collector Gweru)

Jolliffe, Denise - wife of Doug - Passed away in Australia March 27, 2018.

Jonker, Buff - Passed away June 13, 2020.

Jonker, Mavis - Buff's wife - passed away several years ago.

Kalshoven, Dil/Dilly/Dilveen - wife of Brian Kalshoven - Passed away October 18, 2015.

Kenmuir, Kay - Mother-in-Law of Neil Thompson and the Late Mike Winterbottom.

Kroeger, Mike  Passed away in the UK Novemver 2006. 
Lancaster, Percy - Salisbury Port Exports (ex BSAP) believe he was killed on a bike accident in Vic Falls in 1966
Latham, Pat (temp in Harare and stamp collector)
Leslie, Jock (temp?)
Levitsky, Nikita (Nico) Stationed in B.Bridge with Leo, Bulawayo and then Harare. Died 1958.
Levy, E Ted (Collector, Harare)

Lines Tommy Mr. Umtali himself. Knew and was known by absolutely everyone all over the country, including as far down as Vila Perry.   Died in 1968 after a series of hip operations. A uniformed O.D.O.
Little, Dave (Kathy Turner's husband & Ron's brother). 
Little, Ron  2005 (Dave's brother)
Llewellyn, Brian - Passed away September 1, 2012.

Lloyd, Alfie (Collector, Bulawayo 1950's)
Lovemore Balfour Helm (Bla to all and sundry, died in the late 70's in Cape Town.)
Loxton, Bill - Passed away April12, 2020

Lucas, Charles - ex Federal - deceased  

Maggs, Neville John, was Geo Locke's Stepson.  He died July 1978 and was Collector Bulawayo at the time.

Makings, Richard K.  (22nd March 1935 to 20th December, 2009)  Former Asst. Controller and Collector, Bulawayo.  Died in Cathcart, RSA.

Matthews, Albert
McAllister, Bob (?) ODO Bulawayo. Ex Palestine Police.
McBride, Jimmy  (Ndola and Bulawayo) sadly died of testicular cancer late sixties or early seventies

McCallum, Doris (Mrs. Mac) passed away May 20, 2016 at age 91.  She was ex Bulawayo Registry.

McLennan, Doug.  Passed away suddenly in Spain on April 22, 2011.

McWade, Jim (ODO / Inspector, Harare)

Micklesfield, Mike (MUK) - Passed away November 29, 2018

Mills, John   July 9, 1946 - March 12, 2010.  Passed away suddenly in Queensland Australia.

Milne, Michael (Appointed January 1965) born Nov 1946 - died in Bulawayo 20th September, 2007 (lymphatic cancer).   See pictures in the "We Remember" photo album.

Milne, Minta - Wife of Kevin - Passed away April 4, 2020

Moise, John (Federal Customs) - passed away in England on July 24th, 2016.
Mooney, Des, Died in Johannesburg on June 1, 2009.

Moore, Clive - husband of Gail nee Wheeler (Typist in Byo in the 60's)  of a massive heart attack while visiting South Africa on November 25, 2014
Moore, Ken (motorcycle accident near Balla Balla, Zimbabwe, 1952

Moulder, Ian 'Mouldy' Passed away May 4, 2018 after a battle with a heart ailment in Underberg, KZN.

Nicholas, Dudley - Passed away 12/1/2015 following a battle with throat cancer.
Noble, Reg (ODO / Inspector, Harare)

Noble, Wendy - wife of Chris - passed away about  Dec 11 from pneumonia
O'Neil, Des See picture & details in the 'We Remember' photo album
Orchard, Roy (Sby) (killed in action - 1976/7) Played fly half for Rhodesia U20
Partridge, Walter M Killed in action from a landmine 22/8/1974 during 9 month call-up with 3 (Indep) Company.  He is included in the Rhodesian  Roll of Honour website at http://www.mazoe.com/ROH_N_R.html.  See also http://members.tripod.com/~Rhodesian/rohaz.html
Penrose, Horace (Deputy Controller). 
Pettit, Roger (Passed away October 22, 2013 in RSA)

Pittard, Tim (Passed away July 30, 2006)
Pool, Dave (Byo) (Temp/ODO)
Poore, Bob (Harare - kidney complications after auto accident 1970's?).
Potterton, Dick (ex Harare, EO)(vehicle accident, Umvukwes, 1970's?)

Price, Litty (Felicity Clegg), married to Don Price, passed away December 24, 2015
Quick, Mike (in Johannesburg)
Quinn, Paddy (ex Palestine Police)
Reed, Ernie (temp?)

Roper Coranne - wife of Pat - passed away August 27, 2017 in Caledon, Cape, RSA
Rosine, Stuart (Uvongo, South Africa). Passed away June 6, 1996 from cancer (a melanoma that unfortunately got into his bloodstream).  He was surrounded by his sons, Mark & Pauk and his loving wife, Catherine.
Ross, Jock (temp?) 
Salzer, Rob (Sam) - Died peacefully in Jhb on November 30, 2008 (Complications from diabetes).  See photo in the "We Remember" photo album.   
Sandell, Dave - Passed away January 19, 2015 after a long battle with cancer

Scalzini, Luciano
Shaw, Mike - (Michael Cyril Howard Shaw)   Passed away in Harare March 9, 2014 after a long & painful illness.

Shaw, Syd (ODO / Inspector, Harare) multiple sclerosis.
Shaw WHB (Huntley) Controller through to 1960 or thereabouts He died 3 or 4 years later in retirement. 
Shea, Steve (July 2006)
Shepherd Pop A permanent "Temp" at B.Bridge until about 1951,

Shepherd, Yvonne - Wife of Dennis, passed away June 26, 2022

Smit, JE (Smitty) 18/12/1944-8/3/2012.   Passed away in Cape town after a tenacious battle with cancer.
Smith, Ivan - Passed away June 16, 2017

Smith Albert (Bertie) Electrocuted himself circo 1975
Souster, Nick Mitsialis  15/3/1947 - 16/9/2002.  Died in Cape Town. See picture in Photo Album
Spurr, Algy
Stokes, Jack (ODO in Bulawayo)  Died in Pietermaritzburg in 1992 
Straw, Derek Killed in an auto accident.

Sudlow, Charles - Passed away in Cape Town October 2015

Sweetman, John
Tarr, Pat (Collector2, Head Office)
Taylor Senior Controller at some stage.
Taylor Frank His son, left to go farming about 1950.

Theron, Danny - passed away May 7, 2015 from leukemia
Thomas, Ossie (temp?)

Thompson, Myrle - wife of Ron, passed away May 10, 2011 from an infection during a simple appendix operation.
Tittlestad, Twig
Tolson, Dave (Tubby) - Died July 1, 2008 after a short battle with cancer
Van Schalkwyk, Hendrik Daniel "Bucksie" (Died 2006) 
Varndell, David (Dave) Anthony - Born Jan 1950, passed away April 17, 2013 in  Johannesburg from liver cancer.

Vaughan, Andy - Passed away June 7, 2015 in Harare

Venables, Alan - Passed away October 29,2016
Venables, Cynthia (wife of Alan)(cancer?, Pietermaritzburg, SA?)

Wainer, Kath - wife of Ed - passed away September 15, 2018

Wallace, Dave
Walters Charlie Collector Bulawayo in 1955 or thereabouts, to be succeeded by Alfie Lloyd with Bla Lovemore

Wason, Marion Louise - 23/6/1954-3/3/11.  See weblog entry #135 from Ken Swinton.
Watkins, George
Watson, Derek - DOB 8th August, 1948. Customs 1968-1976 DOD 14th January, 2004 in Tasmania due to adrenal cancer  See pictures in "We Remember" photo album.
Watson, Marshall - Killed in auto accident in Harare.  See pictures in the "We Remember" photo album.

Whindus, Brian - passed away Late Feb/Early March 2013.

White, Rob - Passed away February 16, 2015 after a long battle with cancer.

Whitlow, Mrs Elsie (temp, Harare Cash Office cashier)

Whitlow, Ian (one of Elsie's sons) (Harare)

Williamson, John served circa 1979-1971.  Died 17 Jan 1996 (aged 49) in Blantyre, Malawi.

Wilson, Harold James (Harry) Pre and post World War 2. Served in Beira three times, once as Collector, plus many other postings. Died aged 86 in 2004.
Wilson Suzie No details, but was in the department circa 1950's 
Winterbotton, Mike - died of cancer
Wise, Larry - Federal, killed on duty in a vehicle accident whilst crossing the Congo Pedicle from makombo to Ft. Roseberry.

Wood, Peter John - Passed away March 2021 from Covid related illness.
Woodiwiss, Ian - ex SR Customs, Gweru, died in Johannesburg approx. 17/10/2007