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Registration Form & Membership Criteria

This is an informal network for former members of the Rhodesian/Zimbabwean Department of Customs & Excise,  including their spouses and kidz.  It is mainly for people who were employed by the Department up to and prior to April 1980.  There are no rules.  John (Aussie) Austin started the network some years ago and it was designed to help colleagues keep in touch and share any information of interest to the group. Each member is provided with the email addresses of all members. The master list and membership data is maintained by Aussie.
The only rule for membership is to have been an ex Federal/Rhodesian/Zimbabwean Customs member - or a surviving spouse of same.  Any Kidz of qualifying exCUSTOMSfolk are automatically eligible for full membership.  There are no fees or costs other than your own use of your computer and your own online time.
More recently, photo albums were added and all members have access to the URL to view and contribute to these non-public albums.  Some pictures will be added to this site from time to time.  Any Customs related humour will be greatly appreciated for inclusion in the Humour page; just email these to the webmaster.
If you are eligible to join, please fill out the form below and select "Submit".
NOTE: When you get your updated copy of the latest eDDRESSbook by email, don't forget to open it and then save it to my documents (deleting earlier saved copies).

exCUSTOMSnet Registration/Update Form